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Announcing with Winners of the Dressing with Jane Austen Contest

In July, Jane Austen & Co. hosted our first creative writing contest on the theme of "Dressing with Jane Austen." We challenged participants to imagine their morning as Jane Austen heroines: What would they wear? What would they do after getting dressed? 

All of the entries were fantastic, but our judges, including Hilary Davidson, were especially delighted by a few. We are pleased to announce the winners of our contest. Watch the blog in the coming days to read the winning entries.

Adult Category:

Grand Prize Winner: Cassandra Chambers, “Letter to Frances" 

Second Prize Winner: Regina Rose, “Excerpts from Lucy Collins’ letter" 

High School Category:

High School Winner: Margaret Chaney, “Lydia Wickham’s Letter” 

Honorable Mentions:

Leslie Hawley, "Regency Dress" Lynn Slowden, "Letter" Kimberly Costa, "My Dearest Mariah”

Congratulations to all winners! If you missed this contest, there's still a chance to enter our next contest, based on the theme of "Crafting with Jane Austen." For more information and to enter, click here.


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