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A Creative Contest for ALL

Literary Luminaries


Win signed novels, gift cards, and more

for sharing your adventures in Austen’s world at home.

All ages welcome.



  • Examine these patterns from The Lady's Magazine

  • Reread passages from your favorite Austen novel

  • Watch the recording of Jane Austen & Co.'s conversation with Jennie Batchelor on Crafting with Jane Austen here

“Aunt Jane would sit quietly working beside the fire, in the library saying nothing for a good while, and then would suddenly burst out laughing, jump up and run across the room to a table where pens and paper were lying, write something down, and then come back to the fire and go on quietly working as before.” ~Marianne Knight

The Challenge:

“Jane Austen was as skillful with a needle as she was with a pen,” notes Jennie Batchelor, author of Jane Austen Embroidery.  Consider the needlework and crafting of the period, as well as what you may work on yourself, to write a description of your afternoon crafting in Regency style.

  • Write a story, diary entry, or letter of no more than 500 words

  • Strong entries will be creative, engaging, and on topic

  • Winning entries will be published on our website

Who can enter:

Everyone can enter!  Entries are judged in two categories:  

Middle School (grades 6-8 as of the 2020-2021 school year)

School Aged (grades 9-12 as of the 2020-2021 school year), 

Adult (anyone 18 or over, no longer in secondary school, as of 2020).

Children younger than middle school are also welcome to enter, but will be judged in the school aged category.


How to enter:

All submissions due by midnight on Sunday, August 30– please attach pdf to form below.

Writing Contest Entry Form
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Thanks for submitting your entry!

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