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Our Team


Inger Brodey


Inger S.B. Brodey is an Associate Professor of English and Comparative Literature, Adjunct Professor in the School of Civic Life and Leadership, Affiliate Professor of Asian Studies, Adjunct Professor of Global Studies. Her primary interest is in the history of the novel in late eighteenth- and early nineteenth-century Europe and Meiji Japan, and she has published extensively on Jane Austen. Her new book Jane Austen and the Price of Happiness appears in 2024


Eric Bontempo


Eric Bontempo is an Assistant Professor of English at Abilene Christian University. He received a PhD in English & Comparative Literature in 2023 from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where he began volunteering with the Jane Austen Summer Program. His work has appeared in Essays in Romanticism and the Cambridge Companion to Victorian Women's Writing. 


David Palko


David Palko is a PhD student in the English Department at Duke University. He also holds a JD from Harvard Law School and an MA in English from NC State University. His research interests focus on using legal history to explore early modern literature. David has been a speaker at the Jane Austen Summer Program since 2021, and recently was selected as a co-director of Jane Austen & Co.


Susan Allen Ford


Recently retired as a professor of English from Delta State University, Susan has served as editor for Persuasions, the leading Austen journal, for more than a decade. She has also faithfully attended and contributed to JASP since its founding in 2012 as a presenter and a discussion leader. She is JASP's context corner coordinator and a member of the Board of Directors, as well as a co-host of Jane Austen & Co.


Danielle Christmas


Danielle Christmas is an Assistant Professor in the Department of English and Comparative Literature at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. A Delta Delta Delta Fellow in the Humanities, she holds a Ph.D. in English from University of Illinois at Chicago. She is the author of Auschwitz and the Plantation: Labor, Sex, and Death in American Holocaust and Slavery Fiction. Her interests in Southern history includes Confederate monuments, lynching narratives, and visual art. 


Kimiyo Ogawa


Kimiyo Ogawa is Professor of Foreign Studies in the Department of English at Sophia University in Japan. She is the editor of the upcoming volume, Austen and Asia, with Tristanne Connolly. A great lover of Austen, she has published extensively on early English women writers. 


Na'dayah Pugh


Na’dayah Pugh is a second-year student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill pursuing a bachelor’s degree in English and Comparative Literature, with minors in Screenwriting and Creative Writing. She contributed to Jane Austen’s Violent Affections: An edition of Henry & Eliza and Jack & Alice, and volunteered at the 2023 Jane Austen Summer Program. She is excited to continue exploring the world of Austen, especially regarding its relevancy to the modern day.


Anne Fertig


Anne Fertig is the Digital Projects Editor at the Center for Digital History at the Fred W. Smith National Library for the Study of George Washington. She received her doctorate in English Literature at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where she first began volunteering with the Jane Austen Summer Program. In 2019, she started Jane Austen & Co. at Durham Public Library. She was a Fulbright Postgraduate Scholar at the University of Glasgow in 2013 and the co-editor of A Song of Glasgow Town: The Collected Poems of Marion Bernstein.


Sarah Hurley


Sarah Hurley is a recent graduate of the University of North Carolina at Wilmington with University Honors and Honors in English literature. She composed her undergraduate thesis, "'Let Other Pens Dwell': On Austen, Authorship, and the Janeite-Centric Narrative," on a unique genre of fiction placing the quintessential "Austen-fan" herself into the role of heroine. Sarah's academic interests also include Shirley Jackson's fiction, young adult literature, and Emily Dickinson's herbarium.


Maizie Ferguson


Maizie Ferguson is a high school senior who will soon graduate with over sixty college hours. A passionate Janeite, active member of JASNA, and past JASP attendee, she will celebrate this graduation milestone properly by making a pilgrimage to England––exploring and learning from Jane Austen's Steventon, Chawton, and Bath as well as the Brontës' Haworth. In August she will be off to the University of Kansas to pursue a double major in Violin and English/Literature with a concentration in Creative Writing and an emphasis on British Literature.

Our Programs

explores and compares the lives and works of Jane Austen and the Brontë sisters, Anne, Emily, and Charlotte, fostering appreciation----rather than competition between----these important women authors.

features interviews with scholars and adaptors of Jane Austen's celebrated works, exploring how these classic texts find their place in modern contexts.

offers insight into the science that undergirded everyday tasks in the Regency, such as time telling, home cures, sea bathing, silk production, and maritime travel.

explores authors contemporaneous with Austen and authors that Austen is likely to have read.

offers an oft-neglected perspective on contemporary Asian views of Regency life, Asia in the time of the Regency, and Regency (mis)understandings of Asian literature and culture.

explores the role of race, nationalism, colonialism, and identity in the culture of the long eighteenth century, exploring topics such as slavery, abolition, portraiture, and modern representations of historical people of color.

explores domestic life, labor, and practices during the Regency, including dress, music, embroidery, gardening, and gaming.

offers conversations with authors of modern Austen adaptations, including Ibi Zoboi (author of Pride), Margot Melcon and Lauren Gunderson (co-authors of Miss Bennet: Christmas at Pemberley), and Jo Baker (author of Longbourn).

Upcoming Topics

~ The American Founding and its Reception in England

Got ideas for a new series? Let us know...

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