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Calling All Writers! May the Most Passionate Win

Jane Austen & Co. is hosting a writing contest this April, and the prizes are big. All you need to enter is a little bit of creativity, and a lot of passion. So grab your pen, or pencil, or quill, or laptop, or typewriter, or whatever else you decide to write with, and get ready to get those ideas out!

What you need to know

You can find the official contest page at this link. The big important things to know are:

  • There are two different age categories, each with different prompts, and one winner from each category will be selected

  • The deadline is April 19, 2024

  • Prizes include a gift book set and (drumrolls please...) a 50% scholarship to JASP 2025. (See! I told you it would be exciting.)

Where do I even start?

Stuck wondering where to start? No worries! You've got lots of options, including but not limited to:

  • A love confession to a long-detested neighbor

  • A gossip about the latest romance blooming in the neighborhood

  • A passionate rave or rant (see our April 2nd event with Lesley Peterson for inspiration!)

  • A statement of gratitude -- or humorous contempt! -- for the author of the work

  • An address to the reader, begging for help escaping the pages

And many more options! The opportunities are endless -- let your creativity guide you.


With partial funding from North Carolina Humanities.


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