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How Does Pay What You Want Ticketing Work?

Jane Austen & Co. is committed to ensuring that all of our events remain free. However, starting with our 2022 Winter Season, "Reading with Jane Austen," we are trialing a new Pay What You Want ticketing option. This means that you still have the option of attending our events for free. However, if you would like to support our programming, you may choose to make a small tax deductible donation.

How to Make a Donation

When you register for our events, you will notice a new option to sign up. It will ask you to enter a price. We suggest a small donation of $3-5 dollars. Wix takes a 2.5% service fee on top of the donation.

How to Register for Free

If, however, you would like to skip the donation, you can still attend for free by entering 0 as your price. Either way, you will still receive your Zoom link in your email. There is no service charge for a free ticket, and you do not need to provide credit card details.

Why Donate?

Donations ensure that we can keep our programming free and open to the public. It allows us to pay scholars and interns for their hard work for our series. We can advertise our programs, create more effective partnerships, and continue supporting the long term goals of the Jane Austen Summer Program, including our teacher scholarships, high school essay contests, and more.


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