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Jane Austen Summer Program


Jane Austen & Co. is hosted by the Jane Austen Summer Program (JASP).

JASP is an award-winning 4-day symposium that focuses on one of Austen’s works each June in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. The Jane Austen Summer Program is designed to appeal to anyone with a passion for all things Austen.  Attendees include people from all walks of life, as well as established scholars, high school teachers, and students from middle school through graduate school. 

Donations help us keep our Jane Austen & Co. programming free, and they support JASP's education initiatives, such as our essay contest and our teacher scholarships, which allow high school teachers to come to JASP for free each year. Donations through PayPal and Square are tax deductible. You can also benefit JASP by shopping through Amazon Smile.

To support JASP and Jane Austen & Co., click one of the links below:

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