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Embroidery patterns, readings, and more!

Last night, Jennie Batchelor shared with us a dazzling array of needlework crafts based on patterns that she found in the Lady's Magazine--a periodical we know that Jane Austen read. Now, you can try your hand at some needlepoint crafts in your own home!

All of the patterns featured last night can be found in Jennie's book, Jane Austen Embroidery, which she co-authored with Alison Larkin. These patterns have been adapted for the modern crafter. You can purchase the book here or from your favorite bookseller.

Looking for a challenge? Why not try the original patterns themselves? You can find photos of the patterns featured in the presentation here.

In addition to these great resources, Jennie has also given us a fascinating reading list for those of you interested in learning more about embroidery and craft in this period.

(All links will take you to Amazon Smile. Did you know that if you shop using Amazon Smile, you can donate a small portion of your purchase to the Jane Austen Summer Program at no extra cost to you? You can start by clicking here.)

Roszika Parker, The Subversive Stitch (1984)

Heather Toomer, Embroidered with White (2008)

Jennie also runs a fantastic blog on her work with the Lady's Magazine. You can learn about her archival research and see more great photos at The Lady's Magazine: The Emergence of a Genre. Plus she runs amazing Twitter and Facebook pages too!

Now you should be ready to try some Jane Austen Embroidery of your own. Be sure to share your creations with the Jane Austen Summer Program on Twitter or Instagram!


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