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Eating with Jane Austen, June 30th at 5 PM EST

Are you craving more Jane Austen content? Did our talk with Sonali Dev and Soniah Kamal whet your appetite? If so, join us for the first talk in our new "Staying at Home with Jane Austen" Zoom series: "Eating with Jane Austen."

This event will take place on June 30th at 5 PM EST on Zoom. You can register for this event and other future events here.

This gorgeous Jane Austen inspired pie comes courtesy of KC's blog, Penknife Kitchen. You can find the recipe here.

Food historian and blogger KC Hysmith will share with us some historical recipes, rituals, and foodways from Jane Austen's novels and time. Her talk will feature tantalizing video demonstrations of food preparation based on real recipes used in the Regency Era. Participants can even try making these recipes at home!

Katherine (or KC) is originally from Texas. She holds a BA in Plan II Honors and French from the University of Texas and an MLA in Gastronomy from Boston University. Her PhD research focuses on historical foodways and its relation to our modern consumption patterns and attitudes towards food, gender, society, and the media.  Katherine has an academic and professional background in food writing, food photography, recipe testing, and research, focusing on topics such as urban farm-to-table, sustainability, and transnational foodways. She has worked with several national and international publications as well as digital, print, and social media organizations. She won “Best Student Writing” in 2015 from the Association of Food Journalists and continues to share her work on her academic blog, penknife kitchen

She also has a fabulous Instagram where you can follow her food photography and recipes.


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