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Dancing and Revelry with Jane Austen

We could have danced all night with Susannah Fullerton after she gave a fantastic talk on "Dancing with Jane Austen." But the fun doesn't have to end there. Susannah has shared some wonderful resources for those who want to learn more about Austen's letters, dancing, and socializing in Austen's era. Be sure to check out Susannah's book A Dance with Jane Austen: How a Novelist and her Characters went to the Ball (Frances Lincoln, 2012).

Susannah would like to invite all those who have enjoyed this talk to sign up for her free monthly newsletter, "Notes from a Book Addict." You can sign up for it here. When you sign up, you will even be sent a complimentary reader’s guide to Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol.

But first, why not revisit this old context corner from the Jane Austen Summer Program on the eighteenth century masquerade?

Susannah has kindly prepared a bibliography about dancing, courtship, and the life and times of Jane Austen. Some of these resources are available free online; others you will need to purchase. If buying from Amazon, why not purchase through Amazon Smile? A small portion of your purchase will go towards the Jane Austen Summer Program at no additional cost to you. For more information about using Amazon Smile, click here.

For good books about Jane Austen’s life and times:

Jane Austen’s Letters, edited by Deirdre le Faye, Oxford University Press, 1997

Jane Austen: A Life, Claire Tomalin, Viking, 1997

Becoming Jane Austen, Jon Spence, Hambledon, 2003

Books and articles about dance in Jane Austen’s era:

"Dance, Physicality and Social Mobility in Jane Austen’s ‘Persuasion’," Cheryl A. Wilson, Persuasions No. 25, Jane Austen Society of North America, 2003

From the Ballroom to Hell: Grace and Folly in Nineteenth-Century Dance, Elizabeth Aldrich, Northwestern University Press, 1991

Social Dance: A Short History, A.H. Franks, Routledge and Kegan Paul, 1963

Other Books by Susannah Fullerton about Jane Austen:

Jane Austen and Crime, Susannah Fullerton, Jane Austen Society of Australia, 2004

You may also be interested in some of her video talks which can be purchased on-line at

These talks include:

  • ‘Jane Austen: Her Life and Works’

  • ‘Louisa May Alcott and Little Women’

  • ‘Thomas Hardy and Tess of the D’Urbervilles’

  • ‘Anthony Trollope and Barchester Towers’

  • ‘George Eliot and Middlemarch’

  • ‘Literary England: Susannah’s Top Ten Places’

  • ‘Literary Scandinavia: Susannah’s Top Ten Places’

  • ‘The Inimitable Georgette Heyer’

  • ‘L.M. Montgomery and Anne of Green Gables’

  • ‘Literary France: Susannah’s Top Ten Places’ (available end of August)


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